DON8URI - a F&B social enterprise (co-founded by a Deaf & a Hearing) advocates for social integration of deaf individuals by providing them gainful employment with the ultimate social mission to equip them with the relevant skills and eventually the capability to embark on their respective entrepreneurial journey to pay it forward.

We envision a truly inclusive Singapore where Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) is recognised as Singapore's 5th official language.

Products & Services - a selection of gourmet donburi curated by deaf advocates are served at our live station catering to consumers at farmers markets/bazaars/flea markets and businesses in Singapore, for private or corporate events.

We also conduct sign language workshops to foster greater inclusion and bridge communication between the Deaf and the hearing.

Our esteemed clientele

Live Station Catering

BT Singapore Pte Ltd

Temasek Shophouse

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Singapore

Changi Airport Group


President's Challenge 2019 - Relay Majulah (2 - 10 Nov 2019)

Purple Parade 2019 (2 Nov 2019)

Singapore's Largest Movement to Support Inclusion & Celebrate Abilities of Persons with Special Needs


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